The leadership team at Lakewood Health System is a group of experienced individuals who are dedicated - both personally and professionally - to maintaining our reputation of quality healthcare, and five-star service. They continuously work together to identify and direct the priorities of Lakewood through the development and implementation of strategic plans, within the scope of our mission.

System Board
The System Board is tasked with various responsibilities, such as hiring and retaining the CEO, ensuring quality care, developing the mission, vision and strategic plan, overseeing the financial position, and developing strong board medical staff relationships.Click on “Documents” to the right to view the entire job description of our System Board.

District Board
The District Board is tasked with various responsibilities, such as maintaining our affiliation agreement, acquiring real estate and issue debt, pursuing board education and development, and advocacy.  Click on “Documents” to the right to view the entire job description of our District Board.

Foundation Board
The Lakewood Health System Foundation Board has seven members, all representing different communities that we serve. The Foundation Board also includes medical representatives (up to two Lakewood Health System physicians) and our LHS Governing Board Chairman. Members of the Foundation Board are appointed for their expertise and willingness to demonstrate an interest in community healthcare. This board is 100% voluntary; in other words, they are not compensated for their duties as a Board member. Meeting on a quarterly basis, the general role of the Board includes deciding on all funding requests that come in to the Foundation. Some board members also help out with fundraising, donations and volunteering at Foundation events. 

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